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As many as 7 million innocent, mostly 'muslim' people may have been killed in your name. That's something like 23,000 buildings like the Grenfell Tower all being incinerated in that fashion - that's how many people 'we' have killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, 23,000 lots of the Grenfell Tower. Died in the same way - innocent and in the way of corporations' dollars. All this death has to be stopped and everything leading up to it. 'Our' war machine is beyond the pale.

Britain and other western nations set to repeat catastrophe of Blair and Bush era and suffer all the same consequences again.

Michael Mansfield will get Blair convicted in the end, I have no doubts.

'The American state's murderous rampage through the Middle East and North Africa was enabled by the Europeans who provided diplomatic and military cover for Washington's crimes.'

'One of the things Manning is alleged to have leaked is the 'Collateral Murder' video which depicts U.S. forces in an Apache helicopter killing 12 unarmed civilians, including two Reuters journalists, and wounding two children. People trying to rescue the wounded were also fired upon and killed. A U.S. tank drove over one body, cutting the man in half'.

'Torture so brutal it amounts to sadism'.

The Guardian thinks Tony Blair is (in their words) a MYSTIC!!! Yeah. A mystic. Moreover, Guardian 'feminists' love making widows in other countries. The Guardian is part of the great widow-making machine.

Galloway crushes the mindless faux-mighty American 'senate'.

The invasion of Iraq will surely go down in history as one of the most cowardly wars ever fought. It was a war in which a band of rich nations, armed with enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world several times over, rounded on a poor nation, falsely accused it of having nuclear weapons, used the United Nations to force it to disarm, then invaded it, occupied it and are now in the process of selling it. (Roy)

America's rape-cult military.

The Killing of Iraq by Bush, Blair, the US and UK.

Jesus and the fall of Rome.

The meaning of western 'intervention' today.

Only a British commitment to end its role in the bloody occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan is likely to do that.

It's been fighting the ones who are more secular.

"And if we want to remember the war dead, perhaps we should spare a thought for the one-million plus dead in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere since the start of the war on terror." (Lindsey German) "As direct experience of war becomes more distant, and killing in war more remote for those of us in the richest countries (although not in Raqqa, Kabul or Sanaa) so this war which ended nearly 100 years ago is turned into a symbol of the nobility and rightness of war." (Lindsey German)

War mongers must resign from Labour. Labour activists who don't call out war mongers are deceitful two-faced snakes - no better than those they try to convince others to reject.

War hawks and US corporations want to derail Eurasian harmony.

Souls cannot be bought back, sorry.

Time for regime change in the UK and USA - chemical weapons should not be tolerated. Government forces using such munitions must be seriously disciplined along with the governments behind such forces.

Should British, American and other 'European' peoples be okay with many civilians' (in places like Syria and Iraq) being 'purposely' bombed regularly by us and in the name of us, our civilians, adult and children alike? Should we allow this to go on? Is doing so an act of violence by us specifically against those civilians? Does it 100% create 'terrorism' on our soil in the form of people trying to do back to us what we do to them?[..]iraq-war[..]

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