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Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. (Axl Rose)

Ideological diversity in British politics.

Do public servants have 'better knowledge' of what the general public wants than the general public (and by 'want' we should understand the idea of needing, legitimately, for its own good)?

Workers should choose companies, not vice versa.

There is too much self-congratulation on the part of 'western intellectuals'.

Are YOU unscientific? Are the papers and sites YOU read unscientific?

Recognise and strengthen international law.

'India' did not invade 'England', it was the other way around. The barbarian is the one who invades, not the victim, it is the rapist, not the person being raped.

Martin Amis seems to be a very racist and sick old man.

Finkelstein vs Blairism.

Genie's oil exploration efforts in occupied Syria.

Ads for the army focusing on one-up-manship.

More people need to know about Primo Levi.

Galloway crushes the mindless faux-mighty American 'senate'.

If someone linked to antiwar is 'discredited' by organisations who support and profit from wars, and you treat them differently as a result - what does that say about you?

'It's hard to make the sums add up when you are kicking the people who write the cheques' (Andrew Marr)

Dale Maily on the NHS.

Intellectual self-defence can achieve a very high level.

Sky news reporter tries her propagandist moaning at Corbyn and is shafted by proper debating points, real factual data which is shoved into the ignorant orifice she shits her propaganda out of.

'1 in 5 women aged 16 - 59 has experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 16' (in Britain).

Proving Edward Bernays wrong to any parent.

'We are free to choose between the pro-big business party on the right and the pro-big business party on the right at the ballot box. We have all the freedom we could ask for. Stop whining, you dirty, ungrateful communist. We are free. Keep repeating: we are free.'

The Dumbing Down of Society.

Western states as principal terrorist agencies.

The origins of NATO's cult of personality lie in 1920s Italy.

If it disagrees with experiment, it's wrong - says science, says Feynman.

More than 3 deaths every hour, on average, as a result of eating processed meat.

British schools must teach children to be ashamed of Britain's 'empire' and 'colonialism'.

"Imagine the author of pro-war books that paint people as irredeemably Good or Evil backing Israel". (Swanson)

They'll run a light-hearted story about a Lenin statue, but make no mention of the murder of journalists, or of the Nazi rallies in support of the murderers in the very same city. This is shameful. This is embarrassing. This is Western propaganda at its finest.

The existence of the Daily Mail is an INSULT TO THE HUMAN RACE.

Hiromichi suspects an outbreak of thyroid cancer over the next few years.

The meaning of western 'intervention' today.

What should we do with our weapons and armed vehicle manufacturers in the name of peace and anti-militarism?

Jesus and the fall of Rome.

I looked out across the river today, saw a city in the fog and an old church tower where the seagulls play.

Persecuting Lauri Love.

Neoliberalism naked.

The corporate 'right to lie'.

The anti-robin-hood policies which led us to the era of Time's-Up Theresa and her posse of incompetents.

On Monbiot, a true purveyor of 'cleansed' journalism, ie one you may legitimately use the scientific method to define as 'fake'.

On white female extremists and international resource theft by state terrorists.

A vote to reject being looted by invaders.

Respecting authority.

Playing the Trump card.

'Take ibuprofen and die'.

All the while endlessly shopping online, updating Facebook, and texting.

As stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to become.

Extreme energy.

The rash of terror attacks.

How can you become more intelligent?

Language, thought, communication.

Corporations and hyperconsumerism.

Calling all musicians worldwide.

Clean highest quality water provision to all.

Time for regime change in the UK and USA - chemical weapons should not be tolerated. Government forces using such munitions must be seriously disciplined along with the governments behind such forces.[..]-katie-hopkins[..]-middle-east

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