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result for: 2009 sting operation revealed racism in UK employment

Shout down anti anti-racism which attempts to blame the victims of institutional racism for the limits imposed on them from outside by proven racism.

Tories were warned that their racism would lose them many seats but the dinosaurs wouldn't listen.

Do British people need to spend more time comprehending what racism is?

"Could we still see our neighbours as less than human if we also saw them fight shoulder-to-shoulder with 'our boys' in the 'good' war? Would we call those fleeing war 'cockroaches' and demand gunboats to stop them from reaching our white cliffs if we knew they had died for the freedoms we hold so dear? More importantly, would anti-immigration sentiment be so easy to weaponise, even by the left - in the past and the present - if the decent, hardworking Britons knew and recognised how much of their lives, safety and prosperity are results of non-British sacrifices?" (Sunny Singh).

The Guardian described Jimmy Savile as an "inimitable octogenarian" with "countless anecdotes".

The UK's former tory immigration minister defended racism.

Nick Cohen speaks at anti-Islam festival where former EDL leader is guest of honour, according to Bob Pitt.

Nick Cohen spoke at an anti-Islam festival where a former EDL leader was guest of honour - and Cohen has the AUDACITY to try and lecture people like Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone about racism, when they haven't committed it and HE has. What a fuckwit.